Lagoon 440 Dory. Il catamarano ideale per le tue vacanze

The catamaran we offer you is a Lagoon 440 Doryand it is the ideal vessel l to spend the magical moments which will mark your holidays.

A bordo di “Dory” non solo navigherai total relaxation and freedom aboard "Nemo", but you will also have a double cabin equipped with all comforts at your disposal! It is indeed a fully-equipped double cabin, with private en suite and shower.
Areas aboard the catamaran are spacious and stylisheach furnished with light durmast whereas floorings are carpeted.

Oltre alle aree private, il catamarano DORY è fornito di spazi comuni, come il comodo salone o il ponte esterno e la zone prendisole.

La Your privacy will always be ensuredbecause the lodgings designed for the crew (a skipper and a possible tour guide) are located in in separate area,so you can spend your holiday without feeling uncomfortable at having to share "your" space with people you hardly know.

Il catamarano Lagoon 440 “Dory” è fornito di:

  • 4 double cabins with en suites and shower cubicles.
  • An outdoor cabin for the skipper.
  • Seats 6 people for dining.
  • Accomodates 20 people at the most.
Piantina del catamarano Lagoon 440 Dory

As well as private areas, the catamaran is equipped with large common areas, such as the lounge or the upper deck.

Aboard the catamaran you can listen to your favourite music, sip some wine of our cellar or read a novel surrounded by charming quiet.

Do you prefer sports?

What better chance of diving into blue and uncontaminated sea?
Or else devote oneself to unforgettable fishing trips?
As an alternative, you can get on our canoe which will always be at your disposal so as to move close to and watch the wonderful Mediterranean coasts in absolute quiet.

Nemo Yachting charter ensures holidays and ideal boat & breakfast service for everyone.
Whether you prefer relaxation, adventures, sports, romantic atmospheres, the sea, nature, our boat & breakfast service is what suites you!

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